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goodbye summer tumblr awards! welcome back to school (remember that knowing don’t takes space at your brain) be happy, new friends are coming, new loves, one day you will thank everyone for this life you’re living now xx
ok, right..
*************** we all together have over than 6k ********************
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MBF: lanatacos and preachniam  (we will check!)
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Best URL
Best Mine page 
Best sidebar
Best theme
Best icon
Best posts 
Best Non-quality
best luxury blog
Best theme maker
Gold winner
Silver winner
bronze winner
rita’s fav
aly’s fav
Random Blogger 
Winners will get:
a link on our blogs for a week
a follow back from us
reblogs from their mine page
selfpromos once a day for a week in our inbox
promos, blog makeovers anything they want if we agree
We will pick the winners on september 19th at 1pm (london and lisbon time) 

I printed out some transparents for my photo wall today!

-Wifisearching and Diverqenthmu’s Fall Awards!-
To celebrate the season, we have decided to host a fall awards! Even personal accounts can participate for the personal account award!
- Rules 
mbf her and iiii! 
must reblog this post! likes do not count.
- Awards
Best url (2)
Best theme (2)
Best personal tumblr (3)
Best sidebar (1)
Best icon (2)
Pumpkin Pie (Third Overall Best) 
Candy Corn (Second Overall Best)
Pumpkin Spice Latte (The best!)
Sam’s favorite! 
Maripaz’s favorite! 
No one will win more then one award. If this gets up to 150+ notes, we may add more categories.
- Award Descriptions 
Best _____  - These winners will recieve a solo, a follow from both of us, and one self promo a day for three days! Also, if you have a mine page, we will reblog and queue from that. 
Hosts’ favorites and over best - These winners will receive a solo, follow from both of us, unlimited self promos in both of our asks for a week, reblog&queue from mine page, and a follow trick promo.
You will gain followers! 
- The awards will end on September 26, 2014 at midnight central U.S. time! 
- The winners will be announced September 27, 2014 in the afternoon! 
Photo credit to rightful owner! (Found on google.)
Banner credit to the her! (Seriously though. It’s a beautiful banner.)
Good luck and be brave.
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